GELEZA Calculator *Including Pudo or Pep to Pep Courier


*Pricing Includes Pudo shipping to your nearest Pudo at Malls or filling stations.

Produced distinction in Mathematics and Physical Science in Mamabolo Centre
Dot matrix display (96*31)
Dual power
Score calculation function
Trigonometric calculations
Tubular Statistics functions
Permutation and combination function
Clear memory


Geleza Scientific calculator was launched in January 2022 and has as a result enjoyed insatiable demand in the market as an affordable calculator with the need to change the cost of calculators in the South Africa.

Our target for 2023 – 2024 financial year is to sell over 20 000 calculators generating an annual calculator revenue of about three million rands.

This 240 functions calculator is best suited for Grade 8, 9 and 10 learners.
The main functions are: